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I'm up for just about anything except pornography. It's boring. I've co-authored scripts and I've worked on staff at magazines. I won't shoot anyone and I won't engage in scams. It's obvious I've been reading too much Elmore Leonard lately...on top of watching Jackie Brown twice in one night. This is the email to use if you'd care to hire me for writing chores big or small.

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Tell Me What to Write is over for the present.

Changed my mind again, gonna do the blog thing right here.

I swore I wouldn't, not ever again.... I started a blog. When I figure out how to get it to display here, I will. Until then, it's at blogspot: http://rpbird.blogspot.com/
Meh. I used an iframe html tag as a cludge until I can figure out how to get an import of the atom feed.

January 2015 - I need money.

October 2013 - I need money.

December 2012 - I still hate Xmas.

December 2011 - I hate Xmas. I really do. If there really is a "War Against Xmas," sign me up as an opfor!

April 2011 - Ended up in Albuquerque. It's a start. Still writing every day. Haven't heard from Ace or Angry Robot about the first Hana novel. I'm almost done with the second Hana novel.

Where the hell should I live, now that Mom has passed? I spent seven years taking care of her 24/7 and the six years before that helping Mom on weekends with Dad - I'm so used to events dictating my choices, now that I have choices, I don't know what to do. April 2010 update: I'm in a residence hotel in California right now, working on a screenplay with an old friend, who also happens to be a genuine Hollywood screenwriter. Still haven't decided anything, other than I hate driving on California freeways.

To download the complete text (in .pdf/Acrobat format) of the short stories "Illness in a Word" (one of my first published stories), "Authorial Intrusion," "The Soft Heart of the Electron," or "Aristomania," click here.

January 2015 - Boccaccio and theoretical physics.

October 2013 - The Club Dumas and Markov's The Truth That Killed. Georgi Markov was assassinated in London because of this book.

December 2012 - re-reading Lord of the Rings and The Prince. Weird combination, I know. Also reading Grimm's Fairy Tales.

December 2011 - McPherson. I fell in love with his latest Lincoln book. Also Shapiro's Year in the Life of William Shakespeare.

April 2011 - Reading a Western Civ textbook at the moment, making interlinear notes from my memory of teaching this dreck back in the day. If you think you know history from a Western Civ course...ha! There are depths of complexity in every historical epoch that Civ courses can't even get close to touching.

Mostly stuff related to Causality Transcendence, my latest novel, consisting of books on quantum mechanics, Buddhism, Taoism, military strategy, and theoretical physics. April 2010 update: Because I'm a fan of his work on the Mass Effect video game series, I'm reading Drew Karpyshyn's ME spinoff novels. Sorry Drew, but you can kinda tell the novel isn't your primary medium, but man, can you put together a compelling story in spite of it!

January 2015 - Mathematics and Machiavelli.

October 2013 - Algebra and the slide rule (don't ask why).

December 2012 - Mathematics, probability to be exact.

See above. When I'm working on something, the barrier between study and casual reading breaks down.

January 2015 - Nothing much at the moment.

October 2013 - Nothing much, maybe an occasional episode of Boardwalk Empire.

December 2012 - I'll say it again: Fuck Netflix.

December 2011 - Fuck Netflix. I'm not watching much of anything at the moment, other than reruns of Boondocks on Saturday nights.

April 2011 - More Netflix. Most American movies suck. We invented the action movie, why the hell can't we make them anymore? It's all spectacle, no content.

Netflix has almost all the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes and movies on instant view. I've been watching those.

I managed to replace my Ghost in the Shell collection, mostly because they all went on sale. Also replaced my Cowboy Bebop DVDs, all of which were lost in the 2007 tornado.

January 2015 - Still mostly Team Fortress 2 in my spare time. I have 1200 kills on my sniper and over 1500 on my shotgun. I took a year off from playing TF2 to work through Skyrim.

October 2013 - Team Fortress 2. It makes me laugh. I have 840 kills on my sniper rifle and over 100 on my shotgun. UPDATE: 1004 kills.

December 2012 - Now that the MEHEM mod for Mass Effect 3 is out, I'm playing it again. No more starchild!

December 2011 - No changes. Games are too expensive and MMOs are the most expensive of all. I had a taste of SWTOR as a beta tester, didn't like what I saw, and so passed on it for now. Looking forward to ME3 with great anticipation. I've become a terror in Counterstrike: Source, but I've been a terror in that game for the last couple years. I have a player rating over 20,000 on my favorite CSS server.

April 2011 - No changes here. Will add ME 3 by the end of the year, also, hopefully, SWTOR. Almost forgot, BioShock 1 and 2. Excellent games. Where to commentators come off saying that BioShock 2 is a criticism of Liberalism? Give me a break! Anyone's who's played the game knows it is obviously a detailed demolition of the totalitarian state's cult of personality. This is what comes from cheap, second-rate college educations, the inability to tell who or what is being satirized.

Mass Effect 1 and 2
Star Wars Republic Commando
Jedi Academy
Unreal Tournament
Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars: The Old Republic (if they ever release the damn thing)

RC gives my mind a vacation from the mundane. My maximum kill level per single game is up over 200. I invite you to view my screenshots on my profile in XFire. I used to specialize in killing snipers with a vibroblade or a blaster. Now I'm focused on n00bs using heavy weps. Machinegunners and rocketmen are my favored targets. If you play RC online, look for frangible and say hi. In fact, if you see that name in any online game, it's probably me. Almost forgot - I'm a member of an online gamer clan, ccp. They are a great bunch of guys.


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